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Introduction to Excel (in English)
Hello all. This is a basic course suitable for those with no, or almost no knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
As implied, we will start from scratch, covering the most commonly used functions and tools, with mentions of handy shortcuts along the way. We hope to end with Pivot tables, depending on the pace of the class.
While Excel may not be the most advanced, it is an industry staple meaning that in the short run you will have less difficulty in during your studies at SGH, and in the long run this knowledge and certificate will help you with job applications.

1st Meeting:
• Worksheets
• Printing
• Aliases (named cells/cellgroups)
• Introductory formulas: Sum, Average, Count, If…
• Addressing (linking to other working sheets/locked cells)
2nd Meeting:
• Autofill
• Sort & Filter
• Graphs
3rd Meeting:
• Data types
• Hide/Unhide
• Protect sheets/workbooks
4th Meeting:
• Freeze rows, columns
• Text to columns
• Various text functions
5th Meeting:
• Pivot tables
• Conditional formatting

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Wtorek 21/03/2017
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Wtorek 15:20
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5 x 1,5 h
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